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How to Enable Developer Option on Tizen Samsung Z1


Earlier this year, Samsung released Samsung Z1 which was powered by the Tizen OS. The Tizen OS, itself, has been developed by Samsung for moving on from the Android OS. The Tizen OS takes up numerous UI elements from the two most dominant smartphone operating systems – Android and iOS.

Samsung is trying very hard to move on from the Android OS, and claim the revenue that is being channeled to Google through the Play Store. The Tizen OS strives to replace Android OS on Samsung devices.

Currently, Samsung is showing a lot of commitment to improve the Tizen OS and take it to a level where it can compete head to head with the Google’s Android OS in terms of stability and sustainability. In order to do this, Samsung has announced to release more phones that run on the Tizen OS by the end of this year. This will allow the Tizen OS to gain a head start among the consumers.

Enabling USB Debugging Mode on the Samsung Z1

The Tizen OS follows the footprints of Android OS and takes up a lot of elements and features from Android. Moreover, Samsung also wants developers to develop more apps on the Tizen platform. However, the Developer’s Option is not quite as easily accessible on the Tizen OS as it was on Android.

The Developer’s Option allows the developers to enable USB Debugging mode. USB Debugging mode is of great importance to Developers as it allows them to access special permissions on the device, and is used for testing apps on platform.

In order to enable Developer’s Options and USB Debugging mode, follow the steps listed below:

    • Go to the dial pad, and dial *#84936#.
    • On the next screen, enable Developer Option.
    • After enabling Developer Options, press the Home Key.
    • Swipe up to access the menu, and open the Settings app.
    • Under the System menu, tap Developer options.
    • In the Developer Options menu, enable USB Debugging.
    • Tap Turn On in the confirmation message that shows up, and the USB debugging mode will be enabled.