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Samsung SmartThings Gains Amazon’s Echo Support


Samsung has a home automation device, amazon has a voice command device. Both of them decide to work together and boom!!!! We have a nice setup to control almost everything from lights to sound to shopping list with your voice.

For readers, the amazon echo is a cylindrical tower that is internet connected and has an always on feature so that you can activate the device with a simple word “Alexa”. What Alexa can do for you is to play music, take shopping list, buy from amazon with a voice or simply answer a question you have asked.


With integration with smartthings, you can now control the lights, music system and air condition with just a simple voice command. It can pretty much control things that are compatible with the smartthings.

A video is shown below how these thing work in sync to switch on the bulb and dim its brightness to 10 % of its maximum.

Samsung said the following words in a press statement.

We’re excited to announce that SmartThings is now compatible with Amazon Echo!

For those not familiar, Amazon Echo is an Internet-connected speaker that responds to commands and questions that you ask it. (Think of it as your tall, dark, and handsome personal assistant.)

By starting sentences with “Alexa,” you can play music, hear the news, get the forecast, and now… control your SmartThings-compatible lights, switches, and anything plugged in to the SmartThings Power Outlet.”