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How to Browse Faster on Samsung Z1 with Just One Small Tweak

Are you using Samsung Z1 on mobile network? Is your phone is quite slow on loading web pages? If you are having problems to connect to Internet because of slow mobile network, there is a simple way to solve the issue.

The good news is that, you do not need to install any application or do some hack to fix this issue. And we guarantee you that after using this simple trick your Samsung Z1 browser will be faster than before and you can browse websites much smoothly.

Make Samsung Z1 Browser Fast

Step #1 : Open your Samsung Z1 browser.

Open your phone browser and try to access some website when in mobile network (Not on Wi-Fi). You will feel that the pages are loading slower than expected.

Step # 2: Enable low data Usage mode

Go to browser setting and by pressing the option button on the phone. When in options menu click on the setting, which says, “Enable low data usage”. After pressing this, your phone is ready for low bandwidth mode.

You can now browse any website and the best thing is that when you will access the website second time the browser will use the phone cache and will not download everything from the Internet. This makes the browsing faster and smoother.

Still confused how to activate the low data usage mode, check the video below.