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Samsung Is Pushing Notification Ads To Its Phone Users, Is It A Smartphone Crime?


Samsung is pushing ads to its smartphone users with an app that comes bundled in its phones. The cause of concern is that these ads appear automatically without any user interference. The ads comes into the notification pull down bar and in an auto expanded state. As of now, the only ads that are appearing is the galaxy s6 edge+ and its peel smart remote ads indication that Samsung is testing the water before a full blown advert service launch. Meanwhile, to stop these notifications from appearing, when an ad appears, long press to launch the app info. Go to the app and disable notification.


This is not a first time that an ad has been pushed out onto the smartphone, HTC has attempted the auto ad service in its blink feed installed onto its phones making user angry because of its actions.

People have started using the ad blocking services in their browsers and computer where most of the ad revenue is generated from. Because of this services, it will reportedly cause a revenue loss of about 22 billion usd this year creating a huge opportunity to shift these ads from computers to a smartphone where the ads are difficult to block. Maybe Samsung thinks this is a good idea but the user might feel different when they receive a notification ads about a face cream in the middle of a night.

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