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Note 5 is Not Waterproof


Samsung releases its latest phone in the note series and unlike its previous members, the latest gadget is not water and dust proof.

The note 5 can take an occasional dip in the shower or in the water sink but do not expect it to work if it has been in the water for a long time. The culprit, s-pen. Samsung reportedly wanted the note 5 to be a waterproof and a dust proof device but the s-pen socket simply doesn’t allow you to have any kind of permanent water proofing.

A recent video where a torcher test has been performed on the note 5. The device has been put in a bowl of water. Surprisingly, the device seem to work perfectly good for about 10minutes. Cross the 10 minutes mark and the problem starts as the water seeps through the screen and the internals resulting in a, malfunctioned device.

Samsung on its part has built a solid device that has some kind of water resistance but it not a waterproof device. So think before taking that jump into the pool with your note 5. If you are interested in a water and dust proof note 5, wait for a couple of month as Samsung is planning to release note 5 active, a hardened note 5 that will withstand great amount of pressure and is suitable for harsh climate including rain.

here is a coke test for a change.