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BMW and Samsung Are Collaborating to Build a Better Car

Screenshot6Imagine sitting in your car while on the road and you suddenly have a mood to listen to the Beatles, just say the words “play Beatles” and the song automatically gets played in the car’s system. Well, BMW is partnering with other tech companies such as Samsung and Panasonic to build an advance “intelligent assistance” that can help you with just about anything that is digitally possible.

This intelligent assistant is being build by a speech recognition company called as Nuance. The company is working hard with an aim to build this intelligent assistant that will be able to decipher the regional accents and search for results based on the location.

Android and iOS have digital assistant like the google now and Siri that can work in a car via their respective dashboard software but they aren’t built for cars. BMW wants a specific piece of software that is built for automobiles and can enhance the driving experience. You can wipe your windshield just by saying a command such as “” wipe the front glass”2012-Bmw-M5-Wallpaper-Dashboard

There is also speech recognition software built into cars like the Cadillac ATS but they are utterly useless. The results are irrelevant to the one that user asked for and at most confusing.

BMW wants Samsung and Panasonic’s help to deploy the required technologies to make this happen. The respective companies were happy to help in this quest to make the luxury car a smart car.

It could also be remembered that Samsung has started an automotive division where it would be working on future car technologies such as software that can make a car drive itself. It is also assisting other automotive manufacturers by providing the components such as memory chips and other soc for their infotainment system.

Looks as if the future car isn’t too far in the future.