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Awesome Note 7 Accessories That Could Save Your Day

Gear Iconx Wireless Earbuds

With it wire-free design, the Gear Iconx is the true earbuds joggers and athletes have been hoping for. Apart from playing music, it also acts as a fitness tracker and can take calls. The battery life is meager through. The earbuds die down just a couple of hours after listening to music but that is the compromise for the wire-free design

Gear VR

The new Gear VR is modular to the micro Usb and USB Type-C ports and has a wider viewing angle. The padding is also more comfortable. with its all black design, the Gear VR is the cheapest entry into the futuristic virtual world. It’s a must buy if you own the Note 7 and will cost you $100.

Gear 360 camera

If you are an outdoor person, then the Gear 360 is for you. The camera uses 2 fishnet cameras to capture the world in 180 degrees and stitches them later to form a single 360-degree content. Sharing 360-degree videos or photos of your campfire party on twitter is so cool.

S-View Standing Coversamsung-galaxy-note-7-new-s-view-case-aa

well, this concept is old but the cover is new. It combines the s-view cover that lets you see the incoming notification or call but now it can act as a stand, making it ideal for watching a movie on the beautiful screen of Note 7 or you can simply draw on it using the s-pen.

Water Resistant BackpackGalaxyNote7_Feature_Accessories_Main_3

This one is for the Pokémon go maniacs. The Note 7 has a big 3500mAh battery but the added 3100mAh from the case is so valuable while roaming to catch a Pokémon or globetrotting. It adds a bit of bulk to the sleek phone but gives you an extra day’s power. If you go swimming, the cases are even water resistant like the Note 7.

Keyboard CoverGalaxy-Note-5-Keyboard-Case-Unpacked

Blackberry fans rejoice. The Note 7 has a keyboard cover that simply latches onto the screen and has real physical buttons. When you do not need the buttons, is simply detaches itself and sits at the back of the phone.

Lens Covergsmarena_003

The Note 7 has an excellent camera. But professionals need tech that is at the absolute bleeding Edge. That’s why, Note 7 comes with a cover lens that can change the view field. One lens increases the field of view to 180 degrees and the other lens increases the zoom capabilities of the camera.

Battery PackSamsung-Galaxy-Note-7-Battery-Pack

Samsung battery pack that is specially designed for the Note 7 has a mammoth capacity of 10,200 mAh which can charge the device for over 3 times from 0 to 100%. The special feature about the battery pack is that it is fast charge compatible. It can recharge your phone from 0 to 50% in under 30 minutes. That’s 6 hours of screen-on time.

Level U Pro Bluetooth Headphones

The around the neck wireless Bluetooth headphone is a collar style headphone that has noise isolation feature. It has clear sound and the bass is high making it ideal for working out. It works for iOS and Android devices but Note 7 is the phone to listen to the music. There are volume rocker, music controls and answer/end key on the headphone.

Samsung 256gb Evo+ Micro-SD Cardsamsung256gbmicrosdfeat-800x420

The class 10 memory card is ideal for the Note 7 for its speed, reliability, and performance. The card costs less than $70 and is the inexpensive way to increase the storage on the Note 7 by huge capacity. With this card, the potential storage could end up being 320GB. That’s insane.

Gear Fit 2

Gear fit 2 is the ideal fitness tracker that allows you to leave your phone at home. It has a built-in music player and tracks various movements such as walking, running and sprinting. Even steps climbed and elevation is recorded that later can be synced to the S-health app on the note 7.