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Top 11 Galaxy S6 Hidden Features


Your phone comes equipped with many features and let’s face it no one reads the phone manual when they buy the phone. All everyone wants to do is get their hands on the phone and nothing else.

All of us believe that we know all there is to know about phones and that we will eventually by mistake find all of the features.

Well, let us tell you that is not the case because many people don’t know these hidden features in their new Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge.

Below you will find these new features

You Take A Screen Shot With A Palm Swipe

You can take a screenshot just like in any other android phone. In other phone you press down the volume key and power button to take the screen shot.

In the Galaxy phones things are a little different. You can swipe you entire palm from left to right on the phone. If the feature is not turned on by default then you will need to turn it on.

You Get An Easy Mode

If older people are trying to use this new phone then it is no brainer that they aren’t good with technology. So to make things easier for them, Samsung has introduced an easy mode which will increase the size of the icons.

You will get access to basics like phone, internet browser, emails and any apps that you approve.

Fingerprint Lock

This is the most secure way to lock your phone because in other cases even if someone does find out your secret code or pattern, they won’t have a chance with fingerprint lock.

This is because you and only you will be able to unlock your phone. And even when you are buying stuff off the internet, you can use your fingerprint to confirm the buy.

Glove Mode

Glove mode is one of the latest modes that was made available for users that live in cold places. Even if you’re living in a hot region and you experience winters and you don’t like using the phone out in the cold with your fingers, you can turn on the glove mode and you can use the phone with your glove on.

Find My Mobile

You don’t want to get anyone on your phone. These days our phones have too much data on them and no one knows what could happen if that data lands in the wrong hands.

So just like the iPhone service called the Find My iPhone, Samsung has introduced the service called the Find My Mobile.

You can locate your phone from your computer and erase its data. You will need to create a Samsung account to get the Find My Mobile service.

You can Run Two Apps At Once

You can run two apps at the same time. You will get multi windows and you can see both of them running at the same time. This feature is just like the feature in the Windows 8 where you also get multiple windows.

Face/Voice/Signature Lock

You can also lock your phone by using your face, your voice or your signature. The phone will capture your voice and it will only operate on your request.

Or it will see you from the front camera and if it acknowledges that it is you on the camera, then it will unlock. Or you can make a custom signature and you can make that signature on the screen to unlock it.

Smart Stay

This feature is an old one but still worthy to note. This was first introduced in the Galaxy S3 and was used for playing movies or watching videos. Whenever the user looked away, the video would pause.

Enable Wi-Fi Calling

You can enable Wi-Fi calling by going your phone settings and turning it on.

Listen To Music While Using Camera

You can listen to your music while using your camera. This is a new feature introduced in the Galaxy S6 series. You will need to go to the camera settings to enable the feature.

You Can Remove NFC Icon From Your Status Bar

Now users can go to their settings and they can remove the NFC icon that always shows in the status bar.