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Samsung will make their own fingerprint scanners

galaxy-s-5-fingerprintSamsung already shipped supplies of components to manufacturers, such as RAM and flash modules, processors, displays and what not. But, for the fingerprint scanners they are relying heavily on an US based company, Synaptics, that specializes in interface production.

However, if the rumors are true, this will be changing soon. According to some reports, Samsung will be making its own fingerprint scanners for the upcoming Galaxy S8 and maybe Note 8.

The home brew scanners could find their way on the low and min-range smartphones next year. After that, the next big step for Samsung will be to sell the modules to other manufacturers.

Apparently, the company’s System LSI department started developing the solution since last year and are finally coming to the point where they will deploy it. This same division is also responsible for the development of better processors, interfaces and so on.

These rumors have yet to be officially confirmed by Samsung.