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Samsung posts teardown of it’s Gear 3 smartwatch

Not every company likes to see teardown videos or pictures of its devices and even worse, to post that by themselves (looking at you Apple).

The past week, Samsung released the Gear S3 smartwatch in South Korea and opened pre-orders in US and the UK. As expected, there were many videos from Samsung that show how to get started and how to incorporate it into your everyday life. But one video stands out. Samsung actually teared down its smartwatch to show everyone what’s inside.

This series of Gear smartwatches incorporates the iconic rotating bezel, stainless steel case and a Gorilla Glass display. In the front behind the displays are the radio frequency antenna, light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment and the MST module for Samsung Pay.

The chassis homes the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communications module, linear motor for haptic feedback and vibrations, microphone and a speaker for voice calls. The rest of the components such as the accelerometer, barometer, gyro, battery, memory, NFC, GPS, heart-rate monitor and the processor are situated on the mainboard.

More detailed pictures show the components themselves and their order in detail. Actually, it’s pretty fascinating how much tech is put in such small space.