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Pressure sensitive displays on the Galaxy S8?

Most recent rumors about the Galaxy S8 say that Samsung may be adding pressure sensitive display technology for the next year’s Galaxy S8 falgship. However, for full functionality it may take another year of software integration. These pressure sensitive displays are known as Force Touch or 3D Touch, mainly from Apple’s products.

If done right, this feature would allow Samsung to open more options and features to users by allowing them to squeeze the display. Some examples can be quickly zooming, creating app shortcuts, options trigger and much more.

Early rumors about this started when Samsung made a number of large investments into research and manufacturing facilities for the display division. This was only confirmed when a senior executive from Samsung confirmed that the company is working on force touch displays.

“Samsung is mulling to adopt the force touch technology partially from the S8 but the full adoption will come in one or two years … It is a matter of time before other major Android smartphone makers deploy the technology that will help enhance user interface.”