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Samsung Leads the Future of Mobile Printing with New NFC Printer


The South Korean brand has been making innovative printing technology since long now and has been helping people around the world enjoy this seamless technology.

Just last year the company was successful in installing 300 multifunction copiers armed with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology at the Doha International Airport in Qatar.

Travelers at the airport can use these NFC printers in order to print tickets or any other travel documents they want to.

Apart from the Doha International Airport, the Korean International School is also using Samsung’s new and innovative cloud printing solution to enable its students and teachers to easily print documents virtually anywhere and with any device.

Now when the NFC technology is combined with printing the result is a simpler mobile printing solution. As long as the users have their smartphones near the printer they have the ability to print even without a computer.

The technology is very easy to use. To activate the NFC technology users have to tap the NFC icon on their device and then place their phone near the printer for NFC tagging.

After that they need to select the document or image and then print. Apart from this the images or documents can also be uploaded to cloud storage by using an NFC-enabled scanner.

Samsung had introduced a number of innovative mobile printing solutions to the market after the release of smart devices in 2010.

In 2013 the company had launched the world’s first ever NFC-enabled color laser printer which helped it to create strong momentum for the company to solidify its leadership in the mobile printing market.

Then this year we saw that Samsung introduced Samsung Cloud Print and Samsung Cloud Print Enterprise. Now users can easily and securely print wherever and whenever they want from their mobile devices with Samsung Cloud Print.


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