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Samsung Launches Galaxy J2 Pro with Turbo Speed Technology

galaxy-j2-2016-1If you are confused with the name, then you are not alone. Samsung has launched the Galaxy J2 couple of weeks earlier and this time, it is back with the pro version of the phone.  The J2 pro isn’t much enhanced from the original model but it does have its distinctive features.

The first thing that you will notice is the smart glow ring on the back. Samsung is reinventing the notification LED light and this glow ring now notifies the updates on the phone with a different color for different type of notification. This feature is also speculated to be presented in the Galaxy S8.

Facing severe competition from the Chinese manufacturers, Samsung is putting metal into its low-end phones. You will be disappointed if you are thinking about a full metal phone. Samsung, nowadays, puts metal chassis into its phones with the regular plastic back. This gives the phone a luxurious feel all the while the adding a removable battery and microSD card feature.

The J2 pro has the same excellent AMOLED screen measured at 5.2 inches with 720p resolution. The RAM is increased from 1.5 GB in regular J2 to 2 GB and the storage is now 16 GB instead of 8 GB.

Quad-core 1.5GHz Cortex-A7 processor powers the phone. Making a return is the popular bike mode that Samsung has been advertising about. Another differentiating feature is the turbo speed technology that promises top performance with low-end silicon. That remains to be tested.

There is the normal 8 MP shooter in the back and 5 MP selfie camera. The price is around 10,000 inr or $150.