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Samsung Is Setting Up a Tizen Development Center in India

samsung-z3-tizenSamsung’s own Tizen operating system that powers its smart tv and smartwatches is finding a glimmer of hope in India. Tizen has failed as a mobile operating system but the phones have managed to sell in encouraging numbers in Indian sub-continent.  With this encouragement, Samsung has set up its first Tizen skilling pilot in India which has empowered more than 500 youth from various academies in Telangana, a state of India with the necessary skills required to develops apps and services for the ecosystem.

Now Samsung has signed a MoU with the local government for setting up its first Tizen academy in the country. This facility will dedicate its complete resources in developing the Tizen operating system and its ecosystem. Samsung wants to procure the local talent from India that is still untapped.

The skilling pilot program trained many talented students who developed over 90 interesting apps out of which 13 are being examined for launching in the international Tizen app store.

Most of the phones that are still sold in India are basic or feature phones. But if Samsung could divert them to Tizen, then it could well turn into a worthy competitor for Android that is dominating the world’s smartphone scenario. But that is still a long way to go.

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