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Samsung is Imploding, Claims Investment Bank

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Investment bank Oppenheimer recently explained in a research that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has been a failure so far for the South Korean giant.

The investment claimed that Samsung has only shipped 10 million shipments up till now which is one million less than last year for the Galaxy S5.

According to the report the South Korean giant has experienced a massive share loss in China which has dropped to 10 percent from 20 percent of the market.

On the other hand Samsung’s rival Apple took over the top spot in China. The investment bank has claimed that the failure of the handset is because Samsung made a wrong bet by concentrating on hardware rather than software features.

The bank’s report states that looking at Samsung’s Galaxy S6 the differences are only in its hardware such as a cutting edge CPU, a curved display, a metal casing, camera with OIS and front area fingerprint sensor.

However the change in Samsung’s software users experience is none and no new value has been added to the device.

Now keeping this in mind Microsoft should learn from Samsung’s mistakes. So one thing that Microsoft needs to learn is that software feature differentiation is very important and if the company wants their OEMs to be successful they will have to give them a lot more freedom to modify Windows Phone.

The second that Microsoft needs to learn is that the CEOs in the media are very loud but they don’t have the experience of running such huge companies.