The next flagship smartphone of Samsung is the Galaxy Note 5 and it will be officially launched in late August or early September during the IFA 2015 trade fair. Just like all the Samsung Galaxy S smartphones are announced at the Mobile World Congress in late February, the Galaxy Note 5 is launched in fall.

Now most of you would be thinking that Samsung usually makes its new Galaxy Note devices in early or mid-October. Well this was because the launch of the Galaxy Note coincided with the launch of a new Android operating system. Google announces a new OS in May/June but it only makes it available in October.

That is why a new Galaxy Note smartphone gets released on the market around the same timeframe. This has made it impossible for Samsung to run its Galaxy Note smartphones on the latest version of Android as Google doesn’t hand over final builds of Android until the OS is actually released on the market.

It is being hoped that an Android M update will be made available early next year. This will mean that all handset makers will need to optimize the new Android OS to work well on their own devices. So Samsung’s engineers need to work on implementing TouchWiz UI into Android M.

Nexus and Google Play Edition devices are said to receive the Android M updates this year as well. Moreover HTC is another smartphone maker that may get it but Samsung has no chance because of all the reasons mentioned above and that means that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will not ship with the Android M operating system.