Samsung Galaxy S8 with Bluetooth 5.0

The situation in Samsung recently has been going not so well, and we can say that this was a tough year for them. Even after all of their failures and struggles, they still look to amaze and stand on their feet. Taking as a consideration their unlucky situations the company continues to stay at the top of the global smartphone industry. Their most popular handsets at the market right now are the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

As the time goes by these devices are getting their age behind the new devices that tomorrow can bring. Samsung are still going further with creating new designs and devices, and hopefully not to repeat the same mistake like they did with the Note 7. Their newest announced device is the Galaxy S8 which is set to be released in April. Recent reports say that the device might come by with some interesting features and something that we’ve never seen from Samsung until now. Rumors also say that the device might finally support Bluetooth 5.0.

During the last week the standards for Bluetooth were officially adopted by Bluetooth SIG. It for sure offers us many improvements from Bluetooth 4.x standard, such as increasing the transfer speed and increasing the range of communication. After the possible announcing that the Galaxy S8 might be the first device to come with an optical fingerprint scanner, the possibility of coming alongside that with a Bluetooth 5.0 is still just a rumor and it may hardly come first.