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Samsung Galaxy S6 Comes With Free Fleksy Keyboard


Samsung’s new flagship smartphone the Galaxy S6 will come along with Fleksy which is the fastest and most customizable keyboard on Android.

Fleksy Keyboard has announced today that it will be partnering with Samsung Galaxy S6 through Samsung Galaxy Gifts in order to bring their award winning keyboard to the Samsung device.

In its first year on Android Fleksy received a lot of adoration and critical acclaim. The app experienced a rocketing 3 million downloads staking a claim as one of the best keyboard apps available.

The reason behind the apps success and impressive growth is the world class auto correction technology it uses and the beautiful design. Moreover in December the app was further developed by launching branded themes and powerful feature customization options known as Extensions.

Kosta Eleftheriou the CEO and Co-founder of Fleksy stated that the partnership with Samsung Galaxy Gifts has already proven as a powerful partnership for the company and that the company is very excited to bring the world’s leading keyboard to the millions of new Samsung Galaxy S6 users.

The offer that Fleksy will make on Samsung Galaxy Gifts will include unlimited use of the full Fleksy Keyboard app along with the Modern premium themes free at cost.

Apart from this Fleksy will be demoing their Mobile and Wearable products. This will include the forthcoming Samsung Gear S keyboard at the Mobile World Congress 2015 from the 1st till the 5th of March.