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Samsung and BlackBerry Bring Enterprise Services to Galaxy S6


Blackberry Limited which is a global leader in mobile communications and Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. announced the continuation of their partnership at the Mobile World Congress 2015. Both these global leaders have joined hands in order to integrate Samsung KNOX with two new Blackberry enterprise services, the WorkLife by Blackberry and SecuSUITE. The companies at the World Mobile Congress also announced that Blackberry enterprise solutions will be offered through Samsung Business Services.

WorkLife by Blackberry basically brings the most comprehensive solution that is available for enterprises to accurately split mobile billing, protect corporate assets and respect employee privacy. WorkLife is the only solution that separates work and personal voice and SMS as well as data usage. When WorkLife integrates with Samsung KNOX it will make it straightforward to split work and personal use. Then there is the SecuSUITE by the Blackberry subsidiary Secusmart. The SecuSUITE solution basically offers highly security conscious organizations virtually tap proof voice and SMS communications. Both these global leaders are working together in order to bring this government grade security to KNOX enabled smartphones. This will also be included in the new flagship smartphone by Samsung the Galaxy S6.

Apart from the integrating solutions, the Korean company will also be offering the growing selection of Blackberry enterprise products and services through its new Samsung Business Services. The advantage of this service will be that it will offer the customers a single point of contact to help manage and support their Samsung mobile devices. Moreover this service will also provide them with a number of associated solutions and services.
Moreover the enterprise technology specialists of the Samsung Business Services will also be able to provide customers guidance and technical support through the deployment of the tightly integrated secure solution. This solution will bring together the BES12 and Samsung devices with built in KNOX security. The Galaxy S6 by Samsung is also offering mobile security through this newly launched Samsung KNOX 2.4.

There are many key customer benefits offered by Blackberry’s WorkLife. This includes the option to provide employees a company-owned work phone number on employee-owned devices that can be retained and reused when the employee leaves the company. This will definitely reduce the costs of companies as they will no longer need to purchase new devices. Then there is also the ability to add a personal line to devices that are owned by the company but are personally enabled devices. This basically allows that employees to carry one device for both work and personal use. Then companies can also continue to work with their carrier as the traffic does not need to be routed through a different proxy server. Apart from this the SecuSUITE also provides some customer benefits such as the new hardware based encryption technology that will provide tap proof mobile voice and SMS communications.

The WorkLife solution by Blackberry is going to be available on all Samsung KNOX enabled smartphones and devices. Moreover it will be activated through the carrier partners. Both the companies are also working with carriers around the world in order to enable the service. The service is expected to be launched later this year. Now coming to one of the most important issue that is the price of this new service, the price will be announced according to the carrier user’s use. Plus the SecuSUITE for Samsung KNOX will be made available in the fall of 2015.


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