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Samsung Z1 Finally Receives OTA Tizen Update

Samsung Z1 receives OTA Tizen update

The Samsung Z1 has been quite liked in India and the device has been able to sell over 100,000 copies as of a few weeks ago.

The device is known for its budget friendly specifications for only $92 which is a price that is very much like by the consumers.

But what is it that makes the Samsung Z1 so special apart from its low price? So what basically makes the Z1 so special is that it runs Samsung’s own operating system (Tizen) rather than Android.

The Koran giant is currently working to allow the side loading of Android apps onto Tizen OS.

Apart from this Samsung has now also released another over the air (OTA) update for the Z1. This update with build number Z130HDDU0BOC7 will basically bring Tizen to with an upgrade size of 26.9 MB.

So as we can see from the update size the users of Z1 will not be looking at a large addition to Tizen. Only a handful of bug fixes constitute this small update.

However what is important and noteworthy apart from stability improvements and bug fixes to the Tizen update is the additional ability to download Asphalt 8 game updates.

This was something that was only possible over Wi-Fi at one point in time but Samsung has taken care of it now.