As we had reported earlier, Samsung has got two high-end devices up its sleeve. One of these devices is a successor to the Galaxy Note series, while the other one is a pumped up version of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Like every year, Samsung will be releasing a Galaxy Note device, named as Galaxy Note 5.

However, Samsung is also going for a plus variant for the Galaxy S6 edge named as Galaxy S6 Edge+, this year, which is quite an unexpected move.

Both of these devices have surfaced in various leaks all over the internet. Recently, MobileDirect – a smartphone accessories manufacturer – has revealed the pictures of back covers of both the device. From these pictures, we can get an idea of the layout of the devices.

Previously, MobileDirect had also leaked the dummy models of the iPhone 5, and iPhone 6.
As for the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung has decided to take up the layout from the Galaxy S6.

The loudspeaker, and the 3.5mm jack will be present at the bottom of the device. The flash of the camera will be on board alongside the camera.

As we discussed earlier, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ will be featuring a design and layout, which is very similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge.

However, it will be featuring a larger screen, and various under-the-hood enhancements.

Thus, it will be targeting the buyers who consider the abilities and size of the regular version of the Galaxy S6 Edge, insufficient for their needs.

Both of these devices are rumored to be launched in September. They are expected to show up at the IFA conference, held in Berlin, in September this year.