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Samsung Abandons Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

0101621964While everyone was thinking that the galaxy tab pro 8.4 was about to get the lollipop update, Samsung has revealed that currently it has no plans to update the device to newer versions of android. Naturally the marshmallow update is out of the question and the tab pro 8.4 is cursed to stay on android 4.4 KitKat forever. At least officially. The fate of its elder sibling, tab 10.1 is yet unknown.

The tab pro series of galaxy devices were high quality, high performance tablets that targeted the power users. The premium devices are not yet 2 years old and Samsung is making these devices a collateral damage to concentrate its resources on other devices such as the note 5 and other premium devices. It would have been good if the device was at least updated to the android lollipop.

“We really don’t like bringing you news you don’t want to hear, but the TabPRO 8.4 will not be getting Lollipop.” Says Samsung’s uk division.

naturally users of other Samsung tablets are concerned whether they will ever get the android updates that will renew their old tablet. According to a leaked roadmap from Samsung that shows the marshmallow update schedule, currently the only tablets whose update is in works is the Tab S and Tab A.

But if you are a bit of an adventurist, there is the modding community that can help you in updating the device to android 5.0 or even 6.0 if it is available. as usual, Samsung void any warranty that is applicable on rooted devices and your device will have a nexus like look. Gone will be the touch wiz. Maybe custom roms is the way to go for the tab pro series.

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