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OTA Firmware Update Now Available For Samsung Z1 Smartphones


It is always a gamble while buying smartphone devices. You don’t know whether your device will have support in the future. People are very lucky when their devices get an update.

Especially people who have medium end devices and aren’t expecting updates. Such a device is Samsung Z1. The international version of this device is getting OTA updates.



This device was initially made for India and Bangladesh. Over there people can’t afford to pay for the flagship devices so Samsung have made these medium range devices for them.

The new update has a size of 16.1Mb. And don’t worry if you have the device and you’re not living in India or Bangladesh, you will still receive and update from Samsung.



Previously this was not possible because Samsung released updates for specific countries and people living in other countries were not able to receive those over the air updates for their smart phones. There is another store available on the device called the Tizen Store.