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Note 5 Doesn’t Survive a Drop Test.


Phones have evolved over the time getting bigger and stronger. Really???

With the launch of a latest and greatest phone comes a flood of geek videos trying out various tests on their smart phones such as dropping a phone from a flight just to test whether it survives the drop, people shoot their hundreds of dollar worth phone just to see if it stops the bullet in its track. But experts also perform some unique tests just to see if the phone survives the daily wear and tear that the phone is subjected to.

One such dude performed a drop test in various positions and the results are disappointing. The note 5 doesn’t survive a common drop. The culprit?
The glass and metal body. Though the design is a beauty to look at, it is a fingerprint magnet leaving the phone in an ugly state. The glass back cracks when put under higher pressure. Although the note would function properly despite the fall, the ugly spider web would not be a pretty sight.


For comparison, the one meter drop that has been performed instantly cracked the note 5’s back. IPhone 6 and the HTC one m9 survived the fall, making the note 5 fragile than the other flagships. The note 5 being a large phone to handle with one hand, you can expect quite a few drops when taking calls and selfies.

So should you avoid the note 5?
Certainly not. It’s a beast of a phone housing the best display ever and productive tools that are not present in any other phone including the previous note phones. A simple case cover would do the trick in safeguarding your precious phone.

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