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Meet Blocks – A Modular Smartwatch

Blocks Smartwatch
Blocks is a modular smartwatch or you can say a smartwatch which has the same concept as Project Ara. You can virtually change each part of this smartwatch for upgrade or to make it of your own taste.

Blocks give you all options to customize the look and feel, so you do not need to buy a new smartwatch each time. You do not like the square look of your smartwatch, just swap with the circular look. How great it is. They also want to work Open software. Open hardware. Open design, which kind-of works for us as well.

The company is also focusing a Blocks Store, where you an customize your smartwatches and get different parts.

The Blocks team participated in the Intel’s Make It Wearable challenge and were the winner of $50,000 funding. Also Intel provides their latest processor for this project.

Right now Blocks is working on supporting only Samsung’s Tizen OS. In the future the will provide compatibility for Android, iOS and Windows phone.


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