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Is The Galaxy S7 Enough to Save Samsung?

Samsung made one hell of a phone in form of the galaxy s7 and the s7 edge. But is it enough to reverse its plummeting smartphone revenue?

Yesterday’s unpacked event was all about the galaxy s7 and how virtual reality is becoming the next major revolution in the tech industry.

Samsung has added the much-needed features such as a bigger battery, memory expansion slot and the waterproofing back to its flagships. It has also upped the ante in camera division, hardware specs and software services. But all these are incremental upgrades and do not compel a tech enthusiast to buy the phone. Sure If you have the galaxy s5 or the iPhone 5s, you would want these phones but someone with the galaxy s6 edge or the iPhone 6 would not want this incrementally upgraded phones.

First of all, I was disappointed that the galaxy s7 did not feature the 3d touch that was so popular in the iPhone 6s. all the leaked information bits indicated that the galaxy s7 will have a 3d touch like display. But that never happened.

Second. The battery is still not removable. Yes, the battery capacity has been increased but having a removable battery can help people like me who stay away from the power outlet for a long time and carrying a power brick is not cool.

Premium phones cost premium prices. But not in today’s world. the galaxy s7 is touted to cost around $650. The same price as the galaxy s6. Phone prices are fast falling today and shelling out that much on a phone doesn’t make sense anymore. phones such as the mi5 that offer same specs and features for half the price.

The final complaint that I had is about the design language. Samsung has incorporated the same design as the galaxy s6. The galaxy s6 is a beauty of a phone but still I would have liked to see some changes so as to differentiate this phone from its predecessor.

After the unveiling of the galaxy s7, Samsung shares have seen a 2% erosion indicating the disappointment in investors.

“The high-end Galaxy S7 and its curved-screen companion, the Galaxy S7 Edge, released on the side-lines of the Mobile World Congress trade show Sunday, look strikingly similar to its predecessors and lack fresh features to set them apart in a crowded field of Android handsets.

The smartphones come with an improved camera and longer battery life, in addition to two features that had been dropped from the Galaxy S6 last year: removable memory storage and water resistance.” Said a wall street analyst.

Criticism apart, the galaxy s7 is still one of the best phones that will launch this year and we will update the review as soon as the phone is out.