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Samsung’s Metal-Clads Going up for sale


Samsung has been the leader of the smartphone market for a long time and during this time, it has tried many new concepts. All these concepts, no matter what they were, always got public attention.

Each of Samsung mobile had something new to it. But for some time, Samsung has avoided going in the chase with a metal-body smartphone. All the leading smartphone giants have tried their luck with metal bodies but Samsung never thought about trying this on with any of their smartphones. But after a long wait, metal lovers have great news for themselves from Samsung. They will be getting an Android device developed by Samsung in less than a month from now.


Samsung earlier in the past year unveiled its upcoming smartphones from the Galaxy series. These phones were said to have metal bodies but no one knew when these phones will hit the market shelves. Well, at last, the time has come and a date has been given out. The date according to the latest press releases is 12 February 2014. The phone will be available in the UK and most of the leading retailers will sell this phone. It’s hoped that people will love the phone because they have missed them for a long time.


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