huge shipment target for the galaxy s8

There are huge expectations for the Samsung’s newest handset, the Galaxy S8. According to a report from The Investor, the Galaxy S8 is supposed to be shipped in 60 million units in 2017. This step is huge compared to the previous Galaxy S smartphones.

Previously, Samsung have shipped 45 million Galaxy S6 units, while 48 million Galaxy S7 units. This year they are increasing their shipment by 25 percent shipping 60 million Galaxy S8 units.

The reports also say that the release of the Galaxy S8 might be in mid-April. There are some factories which don’t believe that the company will achieve their shipping goal. Their competition on the market is huge, and considering their huge failure with the Galaxy Note 7, their shipping plan might sink down. That may bring the company even more economy crisis.

We must keep in mind still that these informations are still just a speculation and nothing yet is confirmed by Samsung. For what is sure that it is a lot expected from the Galaxy S8 and we hope that the company will achieve their goals.