Lately Samsung’s devices have been tricky to root not because they are with a restricted bootloader but because of KNOX which is Samsung’s enterprise grade security software that comes pre-installed.

Well up till now there isn’t a reliable way in which the S6 can be rooted without tripping this software’s counter and flagging it as such means that the warranty becomes void. So the company’s after sales service will read “KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0x1” and will refuse any of your explanations.

Finally now there is a way thanks to the new PingPong root tool that has been developed by idler1984. This new root tool basically allows the users to gain Superuser access without getting the official KNOX counter all hot and bothered about it. The users need to follow 6 steps to get one click root with the PingPong.

First of all users have to download the part_beta6.7z package on their phone then they have to unpack it and allow apps from unknown sources into their settings and run the PingPong root installer.

Thirdly the users will open PingPong and juts tap on the ‘Get root’ button.

Then users have to reboot when it is recommended, then go and search for the new Kinguser app that PingPong would have automatically installed.

Then users have to open the Kinguser app and tap on the ‘Root authorization’ section, then grant access to the Root Checker app by tapping on the ‘Prompt’ arrow on the right of the Root Checker app and then choose the green ‘Allow’ checkmark.

Lastly users will have to run the Root Checker app and the process will be complete.

Watch below the video description of how to root the Samsung Galaxy S6 with one click without tripping the KNOX counter.