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Google Discovered 11 High Impact Security Flaws In The S6 Edge

Google1Google’s project zero, A team that was formed to find fatal flaws and bugs in android devices and other operating systems has discovered about 11 security flaws that were fatal if exploited in the galaxy s6 edge. Google also informed that it has intimidated Samsung about these issues and it has fixed several issues in the handset via OTA (over the air update). Yet some issues still persist, Samsung has informed that it is fixing these flaws in the next update at the end of this month.

These loop hole will affect the victim’s phones is a severe way and ultimately take control of the device. a particular bug, for example, forwards the emails you receive on your phone to the hijackers account. Another flaw left the phone’s photo app vulnerable. when the app receives encoded data in form of an image, the hijacker will be able to modify the settings and upload the images to his account.

But the most dangerous bug, which is called as a “directory traversal bug” is in the Wi-Fi utility.galaxys6-18.0

“If someone provided malicious data to the software, they could then change other files on the system and interfere with other functions, in particular security functions,” said Dr Murdoch, a member of project zero.

Google is doing all it can to free the android eco system of the bugs and wants to make it as secure as possible but the diverse nature of the devices running android and manufacturer or carrier issues are plaguing its platform. Google has fitted the android with several layers of security. Even if a bug gains access past one layer, there are other layers that will protect the phone. Google also informed that it intends to release monthly security updates to its operating system to squash the bugs that were discovered.  Maybe prevention is better than the cure.