The mania has started. On the eve of the official launch of the much-awaited Note 7, some stores in Dubai have put up the device for preorders so that you will get your hands on it before anybody does when it releases on august 2nd. The launch event will take place in New York and Samsung is with the intention of releasing the device on the same day.

To pre-order the device, you will have to cough up AED 500 or $130 to get it delivered by august 2nd. Samsung is also offering a free microSD card with 128 GB capacity and also a slew of Galaxy app bonuses for the preordered units.

With the cat out of the bag, other carriers around the world and particularly in the united states are also expected to put the device up for preorders. T-Mobile might be the first one to put the device on pre order followed by other carriers.Prereserva-Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-en-Dubai

But I would wait until the device is actually shown to the world. Usually, the period following the launch, will force the retailer to put up many exciting offers that includes much more than a microSD card. They include a gear VR headset. Premium headphones and even cold hard cash if you are a Samsung pay customer. One might even get the buy one get one free somewhere in the slew of offers

Stay tuned for more info