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Gear S3 features on last generation S2

With the latest software update, the last year’s Gear S2 becomes a much better smartwatch. Now, Gear S2 owners will be able to download new watch faces that are from the newer Gear S3, as well as new Reminders app and Alti-Barometer. It is all available through the Galaxy Apps Store.

Also, the rotating bezel has picked up more functionality. Now it can be used to accept and reject calls, dismiss alarms, timers, and alerts. One clockwise turn will accept a call or acknowledge an alert, and turning it counterclockwise will dismiss a notification.

This update also focuses on more fitness features. The updated S Health on the Gear S2 will now be smarter and will be able to recognize more activities like running, walking and cycling, elliptical and even rowing. It will automatically recognize them and it will even start counting reps for repetitive exercises like squats, lunges, crunches, and star jumps. Now the watch will be also able to automatically pause the activity tracking when you take a break in the middle of the training session.

Pace Coaching is also a part of the update. It will be able let you set an optimal pace for your jog or run. Also, a neat feature is the new Stretching Guide that Samsung included. It will detect when you’ve been inactive for a long time and it will suggest some stretching exercises for you to do.

Third-party widgets are also included. Now you can easily access Uber, Yelp and USA Today, improved location-tracking, and access to more games.