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Samsung risked everything with the Galaxy Note 7 design

The media news moved on within the smartphone industry recently trying to find the answers about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s big mistake, what was wrong with it?

Considering the fact that many other companies which are smaller than Samsung made out dozens of models without making such terrible mistake like Samsung did, the question is what let them to make a mistake like this.

For that reason, an independent team of hardware engineers fully opened the Note 7 to take some tests on it, and they’ve concluded that the problem lies in the “fundamental problems with the design of the phone”. Scary thing is that Samsung were aware of this case, that their design was very risky to put it on sale, but they still did that because they just wanted to gain a competitive edge. Shortly said, what the real problem with the Note 7 was that the battery was all the time being compressed, which made the separator of the positive and negative electrodes easily get damaged, and if the electrodes get into contact they easily generate fire.

We also have confirmation that the US’s CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) sent an aware message to Samsung that Note 7’s body is too large. The Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung were in an effort to beat the iPhone 7 and were aggressively pushing for more of: power, features, innovation.

According to the researches of Instrumental, they believe that Samsung’s engineers were also aware of the danger and they still couldn’t do anything to minimize the risk, but they are also believe that the engineers work hard on fixing the problem.

Samsung for sure took a gamble with the release of Note 7, which caused them a huge loss, not just speaking in a fundamental view where they lost about 5.3 billion, they also lost the trust in their sellers, and lost their spot as the most profitable Android maker and let Huawei took their place instead.

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