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Samsung hiring lawyers in Korea over the Note 7

Samsung recently hired a law firm in Korea for the investigation over the physical damages and suffering from the explosions of their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone.

The phone has been recalled because it caused many burns and respiratory problems of their users, and is still not being produced. There are over 2 400 individuals who were damaged by using their Note 7.

One of the individual who had experience with the Note 7 published that his Note 7 had caught fire while it was placed on his bed, and fortunately he did not suffer any physical damage because the phone was covered in a phone case with a credit card inserted, which also got melted.

The Local news outlets reported that the chaebol has hired a law firm to respond to the suit for the issues of the Note 7. The suit is all of the 2 400 individuals formed in a group of five persons who had problems with the Note 7 and caused them damage.

The company after reconsidering have claimed that they are recalling all of the products and the loss of nearly 10 trillion dollars in order to minimize the risk that the consumers may face. They also made a compensation with the users in the form of 86$ payed in vouchers and half-off discount for the Note 7 users to get upgrade to the Galaxy S8.

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