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Samsung Galaxy S8 with no headphone jack?

Are we going to see another “no-headphone jack” saga again? If you thought that it was only a 2016 thing, then you are probably wrong. Samsung are really preparing for their new Galaxy S8 with no headphone jack at all. It is also expected to ship with a USB Type-C port for charging and listening to music.

The phone may also ship with stereo speakers in a replacement of the no headphone jack thing, and it may also not have a home button. When it comes to the security, it may also have a fingerprint sensor included in its 2K Super AMOLED display. We still don’t know how the phone will actually look with all of these changes but we really hope that it won’t be another big failure of the Samsung family. Also for the design, the new screen will have the same resolution but without a PenTile layout.

Not only this device is important to be proven as the best Samsung device until now, they have to prove and gain back everything they lost with their Note 7, which was their biggest failure ever.

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