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Galaxy Alpha With a $100 Credit From AT&T


Many people had been wondering for a long time why Samsung was still making phones that have polycarbonate bodies, while most of the smartphone producers around the globe had switched to metal bodies. At last, after Samsung realized this, it introduced its first metal body phone the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

The phone became quite a sensation all over the market and tech enthusiasts took it as a step forward for Samsung. In the US, the phone was offered by various service providers who were given great offers with the phone. But the offer that stands out among all other is the one that AT&T has for you.


sam14With an online purchase of the Galaxy Alpha, you will get a credit of $100 free. This offer is only available for the online customers. It won’t be available at any store or service center.

This offer is not a permanent and is only valid for the day so if you wish to grab this amazing phone, which has some great specs plus a free credit of $100 then just order it today because 2nd February is the last day to avail this amazing offer.