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Galaxy S6 Edge Won’t Be as Great As Note Edge


Over the last year, we have seen many new innovations being introduced into the tech world. Some of them were amazingly great while some of them were a great flop. A lot changed in the global smartphone market with the competition between the Smartphone manufacturers going to a whole new serious level.

The race to get to the next generation smartphones is picking pace at an astonishingly higher rate now then ever before.The world of smartphones is moving towards something new. The age of flexible and curve able smartphones is approaching.


The first step towards commercially available smartphones was the Note Edge, which was released last year. This year, Samsung is taking the second step and this step seems to be quite important to many people. This time, Samsung will be launching a Smartphone with dual curved edges.

The Galaxy S6 Edge will have dual curved edges. Many people think these curved edges will double the fun like the single curved edge did in Note Edge last year. But in reality, the curved edge on the Galaxy S6 Edge will not be like the Note Edge as it is slimmer and curvature on both sides will not be as great as it looked on one edge.