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Galaxy S6 Colors Leaked


The release of the latest smartphone from Samsung is just a few days away now, and yet the rumors and leaks are piling up. People are so desperate that they can’t wait a few more days to see what the Galaxy S6 will actually look like. People just want to get something that is related to Galaxy S6.

Thousands of pages have been published online regarding the specs, looks, leaks, rumours, and concepts of the Galaxy S6. But Samsung is careful enough that it hasn’t allowed anyone to leak off what the Galaxy S6 will actually look like.


The only confirmed news till now is that the Galaxy S6 will also have a twin with curved edge or edges. No more news has been confirmed by anybody till now.

The most important thing that matters about a phone in today’s world is it’s looks. These looks are developed by the body color of the phone. Well now, at last, we have a news about the color of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge both will come in four different colors. These colors are White, Blue, Gold, and Black. To see the final looks, we will have to wait till first March when Samsung unveils these phones.