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Samsung Gear Manager gets a major update

gsmarena_003If you have a thing for smartwatches, you probably know or even have preordered a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. Preorders are open in quite a few countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Canada and its native South Korea.

In preparation for the Gear S3, Samsung has updated the Gear Manager Android companion app. The new version is 2.2.1610 and is available on both Google Play Store and Galaxy Apps. One of the main things that were updated was the Gear 3 support. It also has a significant interface overhaul and it feels a lot more consistent thanks to the new Grace UX.

Now, the app has two main tabs:

  • Basic info, updates, suggested watch faces and apps are on the primary tab. There is also a very good and convenient battery manager that functions something similarly to the stock android battery manager. It lets you examine per-app usage since last charge and manage the power options of the same apps.
  •  The second tab is reserved for all settings. It is mostly the same options but now everything is neatly rearranged with a new design.