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Galaxy Tab S3 Is On the Horizon


It is no secret that Samsung is working on the next iteration of its s-series tablets, the galaxy tab S3. The tab S2 received rave reviews for its design and functionality. Now we have proof that two version of the tab S3 exists.

An import and export tracking website in India, named as zauba, has listed two variants of the same tablet has been brought into the Indian sub-continent’s shore. We know that Samsung has two variant of the tab S2. The tab S2 8-inch version and the tab S2 9.7-inch version.

Samsung typically sends samples of the devices such as phones and tablets to Indian sub-continent for testing purposes as it has a strong R&D base in the country.

It is listed that the successor to one of the best tablets in 2015 features enhanced internal that make it more powerful than its counterparts. The model number attached with the devices are SM-T814 for the 9.7-inch version and SM-T719 for the 8-inch version.

The spec list includes better than full HD display. 4 GB of RAM that is more than plenty give the fact that Samsung is cutting down heavily on the bloatware in the touchwiz. the processor running the show is the exynos 7420. The same chip run the galaxy s6 and the note 5.

The tab S3 has an enhanced battery that can charge quickly and also is of greater capacity that the tab S2. The tablet is rumoured to be introduced at the Mobile World Congress 2016 that will take place in this month in Barcelona, Spain.