Samsung has recently fallen out of the top 5 phone vendors in china. Even the excellent note 5 failed to sell in volumes that Samsung desired.  Apparently, the note 5 was too similar to the galaxy s6 and the only differentiating factor was the s-pen. Even that wasn’t enough to sell the phone. Now Samsung is not making any mistakes with the note 6.

A leaked document has indicated that Samsung is planning the note 6 as the ultimate phablet with maximum productive features. One of them include the ability to convert itself into a laptop. You will be mistaken if you think that the note 6 will have a foldable display that will unfold to reveal a large screen and a keypad. Instead Samsung is relying on an external dock that will act as a convertible.

The said dock will have a docking station for the note 6. The docking station will have a 13 or 15 inch display of its own. It also powers itself with an internal battery and has a full size keyboard to type in. it isn’t clear if the screen is a touch enabled or will have a trackpad to navigate the interface. There are a few usb ports and microSD card slot for connectivity and data purposes.

The note 6 will provide the computing muscle power. The exynos 8890 or the snapdragon 820 has the capabilities to do that. But the real question is about the operating system on the docking station. Loading windows would be out of question as it is too complex. Maybe an enhanced version of the android that is more suitable for the desktop class function could power the device. The chrome os is also a viable option.

Samsung isn’t the first manufacturer to implement such an idea. Asus has padfone line where the phone can be docked into a tablet via a docking station. Microsoft also has the Lumia 950 that can run full windows 10 operating system when connected to an external display via dock.