Galaxy S5 Google Play edition

Sasmung Galaxy S5 Google Play edition definitely in pre-release phase though there is no official word from Samsung on this till now.

Today evleaks posted a graphics render of Galaxy S5 Google Play edition phone. But we have some problem with the alleged image.

If this is the final version of Galaxy S5 GPE device why there is a software home key button as well as hardware home key buttons available. This does not really make any sense as both these keys do same functions. Does this mean the image is fake and just a bad photoshop?

But as this leaked by evleaks and he has very good track record on product leaks, it may be possible that this image i not from the final software. Samsung will definitely remove the screen buttons on the final product.

On hardware specification the phone will not deviate too much from original Galaxy S5. As this is a GPE device, all the Samsung’s custom apps won’t be available on this.