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Galaxy S5 Battery Life Tips and Tricks

Galaxy S5 Battery Life
Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphone right now at the market. Although Samsung is going to release the next flagship, Galaxy S6, still Galaxy S5 wins over the Galaxy S6 in many areas such as, water resistance, microSD card support and removable battery.

Although Samsung Galaxy S5 is a awesome phone, it has some minor problems when it comes to battery life. Galaxy S5 comes with beautiful AMOLED screens with great resolution. But because of this, the phone consumes a lot of battery. Apart from the screen, another power hungry areas in the Galaxy S5 is the radio. But, do you know that you can significantly improve the battery-life of your Galaxy S5. Just follow these simple tips and tricks and you will be amazed with the result you will get.

Galaxy S5 Battery Saving Tips

Tip 1: Use a black wallpaper

Use a black wallpaper
Samsung ALOLED screens are great, but the only problem is the screen is designed to turn off the black pixel completely. So to save battery power use a black background or wallpaper. Anything other than black will not help. So avoid putting colorful wallpapers on your Galaxy S5, it will consume more battery than required.

Tip 2: No Live Background/Wallpaper

It is a straightforward tip, just avoid using live or any animated wallpaper. They consumes a lot of phone power.

Tip 3: Tweak the screen brightness

weak the screen brightness
Samsung Galaxy S5’s auto brightness feature works for most occasions, but sometime for indoor usage the screen looks more vibrant and bright than required. If you feel that the screen does not look natural, make manual adjustments to suit your need.

Tip 4: Change screen-timeout

Change screen-timeout
Chaging the screen timeout setting will help to improve phone battery life a lot. Set the screen timeout to a smaller value like 30 seconds. Setting this, the phone will go to sleep after 30 seconds of inactivity.

Tip 5: Turn off different radio settings

One more useful tip for saving battery is to turn-off certain radio settings when not used. For example, if you do not need 4G (LTE), turn it off and switch to 3G-HSPA mode from device setting.
Save more phone battery life by turning off the following when not used:

1. Phone Wi-Fi
2. Bluetooth
3. Location services
4. Auto sync
5. NFC
6. Air view
7. Gestures

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