Galaxy Note FE’s release date questionable

Even though it was previously said in a rumor that the Galaxy Note FE, the refurbished version of the Note 7, will be released on July 7, this time we hear about another release date. The date could now be set for July 30, as we heard from the Korean media outlet News1.

The reason for the delay might be because the firm is producing 300 000 units for it, and they might not be all finished before July 7th. So, a few days better will be better maybe.

Also, just as a reminder, the Galaxy Note FE is the refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7, standing with the name “Fan Edition” (the FE part). The design will be probably 90% the same, where the battery will have most changes.

The power of the battery, as well as the same size of it, will be slightly smaller compared to the Note 7. Remember that the Note 7 is mostly known as a failure just because of the battery, so Samsung took that as a main reason to change. The power of the battery now should be 3 200 mAh, which his 300 mAh smaller than the Note 7’s.

And of course, nothing of this is yet confirmed by Samsung, so we should be taking this as a consideration. Also, many new reports and rumors will be coming up in near future, because the release date of the Note FE could be happening soon.