Galaxy Note 8’s pre-order to start on September 1?

As we are well-known already, the company have set the unveil date for the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd. And because of that, we have many rumors hitting the pre-order campaign, as well as the official release date of the device. About the pre-ordering, today we have new rumor which suggests that the pre-order campaign will start between September 1st and September 10th.

Back in April, the Galaxy S8 pre-order period was a day shorter that the Note 8’s leak pre-order. Also, Samsung have plans to make massive interest and increase the pre-order number of the Note 8. The main reason for that might be because the device is basically the first of the Note family device which will be released after two years.

Many representatives of the company have also claimed that they are fully prepared for the release, as well as the full pre-ordering campaign of their upcoming device.

Other leaks for the Note 8 have been hitting its specifications, as well as the design. Recent rumors also suggested that the device might feature a 3D Touch technology which will occupy the whole screen. The 3D Touch technology is for now used on the Galaxy S8, but not on the whole screen. Instead, it is placed only in the small area where the Home button is positioned.