Galaxy Note 8 rumored to feature dual cameras

In fall this year, Samsung have announced that they will release the Galaxy Note 8. Considering the fact that they “burned” their Note 7 last year, we expect a lot from the Note 8 this year, and hope that it will not go down in flames. If the device exceeds or catches up the success of the Galaxy S8, it will definitely make the exploding battery experience of Samsung in history. What we mean, is that it will definitely kill the Note 7, but again IF it doesn’t cause any burning effects.

As the release date for the Note 8 comes to a close, the leaks and rumors about the same are coming up to us. This time, we heard that the device could possibly feature dual cameras. With that, the company expects that the device will be much better than the iPhone 7.

Also, a report from Korea, the MK News confirmed this rumor. In a way. They claim that Samsung are reviewing the benefits of having a dual camera smartphone, and how that will increase their budget. They already made it happen with the announce of the Samsung Galaxy C, that also features dual cameras.

Also, nothing yet is confirmed by Samsung, and we should take this with a grain of a salt. We should also expect a lot of leaks, rumors, and news about the device, and still wait for an official report from the company itself.