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Samsung Poured $14 Billion into Research and Development Last Year

samsung-factory-923All the good look of the galaxy s6 and the productive features of the note 5 didn’t attach themselves to the phones simply like that. Samsung had to work hard to make these happen. It was reported that Samsung has sunk $14 billion into Research and Development in 2015. That makes it the second highest spending of Research and Development for any company last year beating the likes of Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Samsung is having a hard time selling its phones but a new Samsung was born last year. It stopped selling the same plasticky phones with ancient design. What Samsung is doing is that it had been refining its products. Not only phones, even software services such as Samsung pay and Samsung Knox show the level of importance that Samsung is giving to the Research and Development. Even the lagging touchwiz has been modified into a less bloatware, more efficient user interface on its galaxy line up of devices. All these has been due to the tinkering of innovation going on in the Research and Development department in various of its subsidiaries.maxresdefault

Samsung’s semiconductor division has also been firing on all cylinders. Not only did it manage to grab orders from the companies such as TMSC and NVidia, but also has been inventing new technologies. All the tech companies have been flocking to Samsung due to its 14nm technology innovation that reduces the footprint of a mobile chip significantly all the while increasing the power and efficiency.

It has also been investing heavily in the automobile industry with a silent hope that its own innovation will help Samsung to expand into other industries.