Samsung is a company that also makes vacuum cleaner. Though these appliances aren’t cutting edge, they get the job done in an efficient and easy manner. To add to its catalogue of the vacuum cleaner, Samsung is introducing a robo vacuum cleaner that can work instead of you in cleaning your house.

There was an earlier model that was excellent device and unlike the fancy robo cleaners on the market, the VR9000(previous model) did what it was intended to do, clean like there is no tomorrow. But the issue with this vacuum cleaner is that it was too expensive for the common man at $900. The latest powerbot essential robotic vacuum cleaner has the identical cyclonic forces cleaning technology and the home mapping system that uses a digital camera for cleaning purposes. But Samsung has fitted this vacuum cleaner with some new tech. to make the cleaning more effective, there is a wider motorized brushroll that has hard as well as soft bristles to clean a single pass of the floor.b239a03d-dfa2-4533-92a7-615a9d9841ca._V312296935_

But not everything is perfect with this powerboat vacuum cleaner. Still absent from this appliance is the power of internet of things. Others have implemented this tech into their products. Essentially giving you the power to control the cleaning process from your smartphones and make it more customized to clean the spots more effectively that you feel need more work than others. Samsung has its own internet of things, the smartThings which connects sound systems and lights to the internet and allows you to control them via smartphone.

if Samsung could bring this tech into the next generation of the powerboat, then it would be something I would crave for. Although this powerboat vacuum cleaner is very good at cleaning, you might want to check out the Neato Botvac Connected before making the purchase. This device usually retails for $700 but bestbuy is offering it for $500. Grab it while stock lasts.