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Samsung’s New 5G Network Provides 7.5Gbps Speed

1G to 5G Mobile Data Speed
Samsung demonstrated a new WiFi standard which can transmit data up to 10 times faster than traditional WiFi and today Samsung came up with a video describing how the next generation mobile technology will change the way we use information.

Samsung’s experimental 5G network can provide a data speed up to 7.5Gbps when in a stationary position. It is not fair to judge the data rate when stationary. Samsung also showed how fast the 5G service will run when in motion.

On a racetrack Samsung drove a car at 110 KmPH which is around 62 MPH while getting the data rate up to 1.2 Gbps. This is the first time anyone achieved that speed on an uninterrupted and stable basis.

Samsung described that the innovation behind this is the new 28 GHz frequency band. Usually at that high frequency the range becomes very limited, but Samsung’s new “Hybrid Adaptive Array Technology,” solves this problem and it is able to have this frequency available for longer distances.

5G is still a concept and a lot of work need to be done before it can reach end users. But still this kind of innovation shows what the future holds for us in terms of mobile data speed.

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