Samsung starts $10k promotion on Tizen

    Today, almost every smartphone from Samsung runs on Google’s Android. Well, now the company wants to change it with their new Tizen mobileOS.

    Right now, Tizen is the manufacturer’s firmware of choice for its TVs, cameras and the Gear smartwatches. So, it was a matter of time when they will try to change the smartphones too. In efforts to do so, Samsung launched the Tizen Mobile App Incentive Program, where there will be an ongoing contest that will give cash rewards if developers manage to break into the top 100 most downloaded apps from the Tizen Store.

    “As a committed leader of the Tizen platform, we strive to further benefit, expand upon and evolve the Tizen ecosystem. We’re excited to launch this new incentive program to help develop and bring the best of mobile apps to the Tizen community as well as provide customers with a better mobile experience.” Said in a press release the global product manager, Woncheol Chai.

    All interested developers can register their apps in the program on Samsung’s website.

    This promotion is a follow-up on the Samsung’s Tizen App Challenge, where $185.000 were offered to game developers who port their games from Android and iOS to Tizen.